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  • Consider including the following information:

    • professional background, current role/title

    • decision making process for opening schools or keeping them closed in your area

    • how did you feel when you found out you were going back in person/staying virtual?

    • how do you feel now after teaching in person/virtual?

    • why are you a teacher for open schools? 

3. Write an Op-ed

 4. Write a Letter to State and Local Leaders

  • Identify the leaders in your state and locality that make decisions about your school (governor, mayor, city council, school board, school administrators, etc.)

  • Make a copy of this template and personalize it.

  • E-mail it to each of the identified decision makers and then recruit other teachers and families to do the same.

5. Join the Conversation

  • We are hosting discussions between educator, parents, and experts on a variety of topics surrounding school reopening.  See our events page for the next one.

  • If you would like to be part of the discussion or have a suggestion for someone we should be talking to, please email us at


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