• All families to have access to an in-person education option.  


  • Students with disabilities and English Language Learners to have access to in-person 1-to-1 and small group therapies in accordance with their IEP.


  • Reasonable safety measures to protect students, teachers, staff, and the community from the spread of COVID-19.  This includes: (1) providing PPE and cleaning supplies; (2) protecting our most veteran teachers and those with significant long-standing health issues by accommodating them to teach from home for the remainder of the current school year (May/June2021).

  • State, district, and local leaders to be transparent in their policy making process by including families and teachers and by making all of the data they are using public.

  • Creative student-centered solutions that support and empower teachers and which move us towards a more equitable education system.


There is not a one size fits all approach to opening schools and ultimately, these decisions must be driven locally by coalitions of families, teachers, and community leaders.  It is our goal to support these coalitions and to make teachers feel safe, respected, and empowered in their classrooms.  In this transition back into the buildings, we see an opportunity to examine what we are doing in schools and why we are doing it.  It is our goal not just to open schools, but to empower teachers and to develop solutions that move us forward to better and more equitable education system.